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Not sure of your Plan/Network selection? Please refer to your enrollment materials or the back of your Guardian ID Card. If you have not received these, contact your Benefits Administrator for assistance. Registered users can also go online at  Guardian Anytime .

You may visit any general dentist or specialist you choose. In some cases, benefits for services rendered by an in-network provider may be paid at a higher coinsurance percentage than those by an out-of-network provider. Refer to your plan documents for details on your specific plan benefits.
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If you are traveling outside of the United States and have a need for dental services, you can call 1-630-766-7710 collect and be connected to our International Dental Referral Service. If you are in the U.S. and planning an international trip, you can call
(888) 647-2701.
(Note: Reimbursement for services through an International Assist dentist will be as an out-of-network service.)
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